We have been selected!

September 2010 -

Breaking news!  Pendergrass Smith Consulting has been pre-qualified to provide Consulting Services for the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development for 2010 and Pendergrass Smith Consulting has been selected as one of the few qualified consultants to provide grant-writing services for the City of Richmond.

Call or email to see how we can help your organization today!

Get a second opinion….

August 2010 -

Proposal writing is complex and intense and sometimes it is hard to objectively review your own work.  As proposal reviewers for federal agencies for over ten years we know what it takes to write a wining proposal.  Let us review your proposal against the RFP requirements and provide recommendations.  For $500 or less and within a few days, you can get an expert second opinion and dramatically improve your chances for funding success.  Call or email us for more information today.

Recycle Your Proposals
gas tax

February 2010

In this time of tight money, nonprofits and municipalities are always looking for ways to work smarter and to save money.  We suggest that you consider updating an existing proposal rather than starting from scratch.  You may only need to update the local data, introduce a new program or put a new twist on an existing one.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of having someone outside of your organization read what you have to see if it really fits what you're going for.

The difference between editing a proposal and starting from scratch could save you thousands of dollars.  Recycling is a good thing and we're here to help when you need it.  Email us for more information.

Assets for Independence

April 16, 2010

Assets for Independence (AFI) provide five-year grants to organizations and agencies that enable low-income individuals and families to achieve economic self-sufficiency by accumulating economic assets. Grantees provide financial literacy training to participants and help them save earned income in special matched bank accounts called Individual Development Accounts (IDAs). IDAs enable low-income and low-wealth families to accumulate savings for long-term assets such as a home, a business, or higher education and training. Eligible grantees include community-based nonprofits and State, local and Tribal government agencies and others, such as community development financial institutions and credit unions. A total of $18 million is available to fund 50 – 60 awards. Applications must be received by 4:30 p.m. EST on March 15, June 15, and November 1 annually.

Reformulated Gasoline Settlement Fund
gas tax

February 2010

The Reformulated Gasoline Settlement Fund is accepting applications from nonprofit organizations for grants that fund projects designed to achieve fuel or air emissions benefits for consumers in California. The grants will be made as part of the settlement of class-action lawsuits against Union Oil Company of California and Unocal Corporation.

The goal of the grants program is to fund projects that will deliver benefits related to reductions in vehicle emissions and/or fuel use through a broad range of strategies. Since the Settlement Fund was created as a result of legal action related to motor vehicle fuels, most, if not all, of the projects funded via the grants program will involve reducing vehicle-related emissions or fuel use. The program seeks to fund exceptional projects yielding real-world results.

Applicants must be nonprofit organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, organizations must be registered (if required by law) and in good standing with the California Attorney General's Charitable Trust Registry.

Grant funds totaling approximately $7 million are available. Grants are expected to range in size from $500,000 to $1 million each, for projects of up to thirty-six months.

The RFP and application instructions are available at the Web site.

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